District 2-A1 Governor 2017-2018

Armando Subia, Sr.


District 2-A1 Retention Contest

Last year our District lost 254 members because they decided to drop their membership in their Lions Club. The loss of these members meant we had less service in our communities, less support for our Disabled Children going to the Lions Camp, and less support for all the other good things we do.

The loss of most of these members who dropped could have been prevented. They drop for different reasons but the underlying reason is, “what they got out of being a member was not rewarding”.

To encourage clubs to focus on retention, the District is implementing a retention contest. For the contest we have broken the clubs into 3 groups, Small membership, Medium membership, and Large membership. The contest will run through June 2020. The current District Governor and the District Governors for the following 2 years are committed to this program to strengthen our clubs.

Quarterly, the club with the best retention in each of the 3 size groups will be recognized at the District meeting and all the members will receive a Retention Pin.   Each additional time a club wins the members will receive a chevron with a number on it representing how many time the club has won. Potentially, a club could have a chevron with 10 on it, meaning they won every quarter through June 2020.

If multiple clubs tie on having the fewest drops, we will recognize the club or clubs that tied but also have the most new members.

At the end of each year we will also recognize the club with fewest drops for the full year with an award of $10.00 for each member. The club can decide how they want to use the money. They could use the money to buy an apparel item, have a club celebration party, take the members to a Lions Camp Friday night graduation event, or whatever fits their need.



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